Jeff Bernat, Joel Cowell Song Included in
Michael Keaton's "Birdman" Movie Soundtrack

This is R&B vocalist Jeff Bernat's latest album, entitled Modern Renaissance. Produced by the eldest Cowell brother, Joel, it includes instrumentation from two other brothers--Nick on bass and Aman on horns. The song "Dream Team" was recently used in the Michael Keaton movie "Birdman."

Since 2010 Jeff and Joel have collaborated on music as artist and producer, with Joel sometimes accompanying Jeff on a song cover for YouTube. Since releasing his 1st solo effort, The Gentleman Approach, Jeff gained international recognition, namely in Japan and South Korea. The two artists recently returned from a month long tour that started with several sold-out performances in Seoul, S. Korea, then on to Tokyo, Japan and ending with a stay in Vienna, Austria.

Modern Renaissance was recorded in San Diego at The JB Cave, with mixing, engineering, and mastering done by Jesse Barrera.