What Making an Independent Album is REALLY Like

Here's some behind the scenes footage of vocalist Jeff's Bernat's sophomore album, recorded at The JB Cave in San Diego with Jesse Barrera. This was such a fun and hardworking experience producing and creating this feel-good piece of work. Anyone who purchases this album is in for a treat! Go to to download "Modern Renaissance."


This is one of our favorite tracks from the late producer/deejay Jun Seba, aka Nujabes.
Shiki No Uta, from the Japanese anime Samurai Champloo.


Jazz has been called "America's Music," "A Purely American Art Form," and other highly regarded titles. This music, born of a lineage of Blues, Gospel, traditional African rhythms and more, is played the world over. This is a tribute to the gifted jazz pioneers Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker. The tune is their 1945 bebop classic, "ANTHROPOLOGY," here performed by the Cowell Brotet.


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